5 Star Service

5 Star Service

It’s really important that the team you’re entrusting with your commercial vehicle, motorhome or caravan inspires confidence in you.

Here’s why you can trust the team at Rosmia to look after you and your vehicle.

  • We are a thriving established family owned business with a friendly team that have been with us for many years. We enjoy delivering an attentive, helpful and considerate service to each one of our customers.
  • e-and-p-jacks-remoteBefore you decide to use Rosmia, we like to spend some time with you (face to face or over the telephone) explaining your options. We encourage you to visit us in Bolney, West Sussex. If you decide to visit you will be able to see the facilities we offer at our workshop and how we look after your vehicle to ensure it is always secure and safe. You will also be able to see our demonstration vehicle which is fitted with VB Air Suspension and the E&P Hydraulic Levelling System. For technical reasons, there are times when we will ask a customer to bring their vehicle to us for our engineers to look at before we book in the date for fitting. It’s important we order the right kit  before any work commences.
  • If you decide to visit we will confirm an appointment date and time with you. When you arrive you will be looked after by our Managing Director, Ryan Walker and one of our engineers.
  • We always ask questions about your vehicle so that we can solve the problems that have led to you contacting us. We fit various different systems and it’s important we supply you with the product that will resolve the problems you have.
  • Our engineers are experienced and fully trained by the manufacturer. It is their job to assess your vehicle, fit the system, test it and show it in action before you drive away. It is the job of our office team to look after you, respond to your emails, answer your calls and of course, keep you fully updated.
  • You can bring your vehicle back to us on its first anniversary and we will visually inspect it at no charge.

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