The E&P Hydraulics Levelling System for Caravans

​The E&P Hydraulics Levelling System for Caravans

Are you familiar with this scenario? You have pitched up at a campsite, looking forward to relaxing over a cup of tea or something a little stronger. But your caravan is not on level ground and it is so uneven that your caravan jacks will not do the job. After several further attempts you finally manage to level your caravan. If you arrive and it’s raining or cold this scenario is ten times worse isn’t it?

With this system your caravan will not only be level it will also be completely stable so no more:

  • Caravan rocking when you walk through or get in and out
  • Shaking in windy conditions
  • Finding it hard to drain the water from the shower or sink
  • Toilet, shower and cupboard doors falling open and shut
  • Chipped crockery
  • Disturbed sleep because you’re lying at a slant

E&P hydraulic jackThe system works with 2 hydraulic caravan jacks mounted to the axle of the caravan so it can be raised and levelled side-to-side. These hydraulic jacks take the weight of the caravan and also stabilise it. The standard corner steadies are replaced with 4 hydraulically operated AL-KO “Big Foot” corner steadies, which help with the front-to-back levelling, giving 6 supports in total. The hydraulic caravan stabilisers are either automatically extended OR they can be controlled manually in pairs (this ensures there is no torsion in the chassis).

By pushing just one button, your caravan is automatically set in a level position in under 2 minutes and it becomes perfectly stable. No movement can be felt even when someone walks through your caravan or steps in and out.

The benefits at a glance

  • Horizontal in 120 seconds
  • Effortlessly level at the push of a button
  • Fully automatic levelling
  • Additional theft protection
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • With the wireless hand-held remote you can stand back whilst the 2 minute hydraulic levelling process completes.
  • Kind to chassis frames
  • Compatible with motor movers
  • Improved waste water drainage from sink and shower
  • A good night’s sleep with no bounce or movement as you move
  • Powered by the leisure battery
  • 2 year warranty

​If you are interested in finding out more about this fantastic system for your caravan please contact us.