Level M

The levelling system for motorhomes

Achieve fully automatic levelling for your motorhome in under 2 minutes with Level M from E&P Hydraulics, designed specifically for motorhomes to provide impeccable stability on any ground.

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The E&P Hydraulics Levelling System for Motorhomes

Why Level M?

Campsite pitches are rarely level, which can lead to you sleeping on a slope while your motorhome rocks and shakes in the wind; cupboard doors fall open and water doesn’t drain away from the shower or sink. In most cases it takes chocks or a jack to level your vehicle, taking time and work… which is the last thing you want when you’re on holiday, especially if it’s cold or raining. With Level M, the system does all the work for you, automatically levelling your motorhome in under 2 minutes, providing absolute stability on any ground.

How it works

The E&P Level M system includes 4 hydraulic jacks that are lowered and raised in pairs, finding the perfect level and complete stability for your motorhome. Each standard jack can lift a load of 2 tonnes, which is more than enough capacity to cope with the majority of motorhomes – even raising the legs if they are stuck in mud or frozen ground – but for larger motorhomes, E&P also offer a range of jacks that can handle from 3.5-10 tonnes in gross weight.

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Levelling with touch screen

E&P Hydraulics levelling systems are provided with a control panel that’s fitted in your motorhome as standard. Upgrade options also include a removable touchpad that functions as a wireless remote control when it’s removed from its docking station; or the intelligent E&P Hydraulics app for smartphones and tablets, for the ultimate wireless interface that’s always at your fingertips.

Build quality

Behind the simple functionality of the E&P Hydraulics Level M system is a state-of-the-art system, built around knowledge and experience. The oil tank is mounted directly onto the pump to optimise space; all key components are coated to protect against corrosion, stone chips, rain and dirt.


The 4 lightweight hydraulic jacks of the LevelM system are fastened to the chassis with brackets that are specifically designed for your vehicle and body type, which means no welding is necessary and any existing warranties will remain intact.