A range of semi air suspension solutions

VB-SemiAir provides an affordable upgrade to your suspension system that protects your vehicle – and the load inside – from damage, even when driving on uneven surfaces. It supports your vehicle’s existing suspension, raising the ride height, generating greater spring travel and enabling the left and right side to be adjusted independently.

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Other Options


The VB-SemiAir system supports your existing suspension with air springs that are fitted between the chassis and the rear axle, raising the ride height of the vehicle and generating greater spring travel. The left and right air springs can be adjusted independently, enabling you to level your vehicle when the weight is distributed unevenly.

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Base Kit

The VB-SemiAir base kit is the starting-point for improvements to your suspension and is a good option for smaller vehicles that regularly carry a heavy load, or occasionally carry variable loads. The suspension is pressurised using an external air supply, such as a tyre inflator, and the ride height can then be controlled by varying the pressure in the springs. The left and right side of the vehicle can be adjusted independently, ensuring even weight distribution.

Comfort Kit

The VB-SemiAir Comfort system is a good option for vehicles that regularly carry variable loads or are usually heavily laden. In addition to the Base kit, the Comfort kit also includes a heavy-duty 12v compressor, a control panel and switches to inflate the springs, enabling you to adjust your ride height to the ideal pressure with ease. The control panel can either be mounted in the dashboard or on the driver’s seat, to suit both motorhomes and LCVs.


VB-LevelAir takes the VB-SemiAir Base Kit and adds automatic level-control, keeping your vehicle at the ideal ride height, with minimal off-centre travel, even when driving on uneven terrain. The ride height is adjusted automatically through the electronic control unit, effortlessly improving the stability of your vehicle and keeping the system at the right pressure, regardless of changes in load and weight distribution, making it a great suspension upgrade for vehicles that regularly carry variable loads.

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Usually VB-SemiAir is fitted on a vehicle with leaf springs, where an air spring is fitted between the chassis and the rear axle to support the existing leaf spring. The system is often fitted at the rear, with VB-CoilSprings at the front, for a combined solution for both axles. Crucially, all kits come with the necessary certification and credentials, including VOSA and VCA.