VB Air Suspension for LCVs

Suspension systems for a smoother, safer ride

VB-AirSuspension’s range of systems offer a multitude of benefits, improving the comfort and stability of your vehicle, whilst increasing the ride height under heavy load.

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VB Air Suspension for LCVs


VB-AirSuspension systems can either assist your original suspension system or replace it completely. All systems will bolt on to your existing chassis mounting points and require no welding, cutting or drilling, so your vehicle warranty remains intact – as does the visual aesthetic of your vehicle. Crucially, all VB Air Suspension kits come with the necessary certification and credentials, including VOSA and VCA.


Your original suspension may not be designed to cope with the payload of your vehicle when it’s fully laden, which can result in you riding at an uneven level, feeling the holes and bumps in the road because the steel suspension can’t be adjusted. VB-AirSuspension offer a range of solutions, which either provide additional support for your original suspension system, or replace it completely. The result? Improved ride comfort and better vehicle handling, particularly if your vehicle is laden close to its chassis weight capacity.

Ride height

When your vehicle is heavily laden it can end up sagging, lowering the ride height and risking you hitting the bump stops or wearing out the tyres. VB-AirSuspension has been designed to cope with the additional load more efficiently, increasing the ride height and preventing unnecessary damage or wear and tear.


If your vehicle is unladen it may feel light and unstable, particularly in strong crosswinds. With such a high centre of gravity, leaning and rolling are also common when cornering or overtaking larger vehicles. VB-AirSuspension systems are designed to address these problems head-on by increasing the overall stability of your motorhome, significantly reducing leaning and rolling, as well as sensitivity to crosswinds.