The fully automatic suspension solution

VB-FullAir is the market-leading automatic suspension solution that monitors and corrects your vehicle ride height constantly, so you can enjoy your drive, in comfort, whether your vehicle is empty or fully laden. As a result, there is less wear on the tyres and brakes and CO2 emissions are reduced, making VB-FullAir an environmentally friendly solution for your vehicle.

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Other Options

VB-FullAir 2C

VB-FullAir 2C is the full air suspension solution for either the front or (primarily) the rear axle. The system automatically monitors and corrects the vehicle’s ride height through an electronic control unit, ensuring safer vehicle handling and a smoother, more comfortable ride. The handset can be used to raise and lower the entry/loading platform, allowing passengers to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle, or for goods to be loaded and unloaded. Depending on the version, the Memory function is also included, which raises or lowers the vehicle to a stored height at the touch of a button.

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VB-FullAir 4C

VB-FullAir 4C is the ideal suspension solution for motorhome owners, offering superb comfort and control both on and off the road. The system offers all the benefits of VB-FullAir 2C, but works at both the front and rear axle, enabling the entire suspension to be raised or lowered – with the added benefit of self-levelling when stationary. Depending on the version, other features include: Tilt (leans the vehicle for waste-tank emptying), Memory (activates a stored height) and Sport (lowers the ride height).

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For the ultimate suspension system upgrade, VB-ActiveAir combines a top-of-the-range full air suspension system (VB-FullAir 4C) with adaptive shock absorbers (VB-DynActive). The system intelligently adapts in real time to both the condition of the road’s surface as well as your vehicle’s load, providing you with the optimum in performance for both ride comfort and stability.

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All VB-FullAir systems bolt on to your existing chassis mounting points and require no welding, cutting or drilling, so your vehicle warranty remains intact – as does the aesthetic of your vehicle. Crucially, all kits will come with the necessary certification and credentials, including VOSA and VCA.