Highlights from Camping and Caravanning Club Motorhome Survey

When The Camping and Caravanning Club surveyed 5000 motorhome owners about their favourite destinations and more, the results were intriguing.

  • The most popular European holiday destination is France. In the UK it’s the Scottish Highlands.
  • If motorhome owners could holiday anywhere, New Zealand would be their top choice.
  • The 3 most important parts of a motorhome holiday are: the weather, the campsite and the company you share.
  • The top 5 motorhomes aspired to were Hymer (14%) Autosleepers (11%) Autotrail (8%) Burstner (6%) Niesmann & Bischoff (4%).
  • Most motorhome owners replace their vehicle every 6 to 10 years.

Many motorhome owners love local with 53% saying they would prefer to buy their next motorhome from a local dealer.