Technical Tip: The right reinforced coil spring for your vehicle.

VB-CoilSpring - Coil spring suspension

Helper and reinforced coil springs – also known as the VB-CoilSpring – are suspension systems that support or reinforce the existing suspension in order to correct a suspension problem. Is your vehicle always (heavily) laden? For example, do you regularly travel in a service vehicle – so your vehicle is your workshop and transport combined? In this case, the VB-CoilSpring can be an excellent option.

Two coil spring versions available

Our VB-CoilSpring is available in two versions: the replacement spring and the helper spring.

  • The replacement spring
    • The name ‘replacement spring’ more or less speaks for itself. When fitting a replacement spring, the original coil spring is ‘replaced’ by a reinforced version.
  • The helper spring
    • When a helper spring is fitted, the original suspension is retained. A helper spring is always installed alongside the original suspension and acts to reinforce the original suspension.

Replacing the original coil spring with a replacement spring – or installing a helper spring – will ensure that your vehicle returns to its original (or higher) ride height in both cases. The spring travel will increase, stability is improved and comfort enhanced. The reinforcement to the spring force is permanent and cannot be adjusted, which means that the VB-CoilSpring is the ideal option for vehicles that are always (heavily) laden.

Which coil spring version is best for your vehicle?

For vehicles with coil springs, either a helper spring or a replacement spring can be fitted. In the case of a vehicle with leaf springs, it is only possible to fit a helper spring.

Precise axle weights are required to then determine which version you need for your vehicle. Based on this, you will get an appropriate and specific recommendation on whether the VB-CoilSpring is the best option to solve your suspension problems. To get the precise axle weights, the vehicle needs to be weighed on a weighbridge or on weighing plates in a garage. Unfortunately, the vehicle typeplate is not sufficient here, since it only states the maximum permissible weights, not the exact weights. Our engineers at Rosmia will be able to advise you accordingly based on these precise axle weights.

Looking for more detailed information? Check out the VB-CoilSpring brochure here or contact us directly where we will be pleased to assist you further.