E&P: Levelling with touchscreen

The newly revised hydraulic levelling system for motorhomes from E&P Hydraulics is now called Level M and offers users even more comfort. In the past the motorhome steady legs were controlled at the touch of a button; in future, this will be achieved simply and conveniently using a tablet and/or smartphone app, both of which have the same user interface. One advantage of the new, modern operating concept is that it can be updated in terms of user interface and functions. The small touchpad is provided with a fixed charging station in the motorhome. When the tablet is removed from this unit it functions as a practical, wireless radio remote control from which the entire levelling system can also be controlled from outside the vehicle. Simply touching the tablet or smartphone screen commands the system to automatically level the vehicle horizontally. The hydraulic cylinders can also be moved manually so that, for example, a motorcycle carrier can be loaded more easily.

Motorhome levelling system

The principle of the E&P hydraulic levelling system is quite simple. The legs are extended hydraulically out of a cylinder at the push of a button and position the vehicle perfectly horizontally within 120 seconds. But behind the simple functionality, there is a lot of experience and complex technology.

The hydraulic support system includes steady legs, pump blocks, oil reservoirs, hydraulic lines and electronic control. At a press of the button on the remote control, the pump starts and pumps oil from the tank into the cylinders of the steady legs. The steady legs of the E&P system extend in pairs until they contact the ground and a counter-pressure is built up in the system. Thanks to the electronic spirit level integrated into the control unit, the system starts to extend the legs further until the vehicle is horizontal. To ensure that no damaging forces act on the superstructure, the legs are always extended in pairs on the longitudinal or transverse axis and always with just the amount of travel necessary. Depending on the model, when fitted to a motorhome the hydraulic system can move up to 10,000 kilograms per leg. That is sufficient to level a 22-tonne vehicle.

Each E&P system is matched to the weight of the vehicle. The electronics control the travel of the legs via the pressure in the respective cylinder. This means that the system does not need any susceptible electrical sensors on the legs. All systems are fastened to the chassis supporting points using adapters specially designed for the respective vehicle and body type, which means that no welding is necessary.

An overview of the E&P Level M levelling system:

• For motorhomes from 3.5 to 22 tonnes permitted gross weight
• Available with different stroke lengths
• Drive-off protection – the system functions only when the ignition is switched off
• Hydraulic pump is driven by a powerful motor (12 V / 24 V – 800 W)
• Fully automatic levelling at the push of a button
• Semi-automatic operation of pairs of supports
• Emergency operation in case of power failure
• Lowering of the supports in pairs to avoid stresses being exerted on the chassis or body
• Permanent protection against corrosion, stone chips, moisture and dirt
• Stainless steel base plate as standard
• Can be integrated into an existing air suspension system
• Level and steady in maximum of two minutes
• Easy touchscreen operation
• Compact and light
• Maintenance-free
• Cable and line routing protected from dirt and moisture

The software can also be retrofitted to enable control using a smartphone app (iOS and Android). This requires a WiFi module that is integrated into the control cable between the control unit and touch panel or conventional operating panel and is supplied with power to operate the levelling system by pushing a button. Power off is automatic after five minutes of inactivity.

For further information on the E&P Hydraulics Level M motorhome levelling system, CLICK HERE.