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VB full air suspension available for rear axle of VW e-Crafter and MAN eTGE

As the first supplier of air suspension systems for lightweight commercial vehicles, VB-Airsuspension has announced the addition of full air suspension for the rear axle of the Volkswagen e-Crafter and MAN eTGE to its product range.


Always at the correct ride height
When you replace the original suspension system on your vehicle with a full air suspension system from VB-Airsuspension, your Volkswagen e-Crafter or MAN eTGE will always drive at the correct ride height, irrespective of vehicle loading. This makes the vehicle safer and the ride more comfortable.

Useful features
The VB-FullAir 2C system (full air suspension on the rear axle) also allows you to raise or lower the rear of these electric vehicles when stationary. This makes it easier to get in and out, and simplifies the process of loading and unloading the vehicle.

VW approved air suspension
The VB-FullAir 2C system has been tested and approved by Volkswagen AG and holds the relevant approval documentation.

VB-Airsuspension now helps ensure optimum ride comfort, increased stability and greater safety in electrically powered vehicles.

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VB Air Suspension approved for Crafter by VW

Volkswagen AG approves VB Air Suspension for Crafter models

VB Air Suspension has announced that it recently received a ‘UBB’ from Volkswagen AG – or Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung, otherwise known as a LONO (Letter Of No Objection) –

for all its full air suspension systems on the Volkswagen Crafter. This makes VB the first-ever organisation to receive a blanket LONO for all Crafter models.

A ‘UBB’ – or LONO – is literally a ‘statement of no objection’. Volkswagen AG grants this approval to manufacturers that have developed a product that fulfils Volkswagen’s demanding standards and requirements. Before the manufacturer is granted approval for the product, Volkswagen carries out a number of tests, including a dynamic driving test, an ESC test (electronic stability control) and various brake tests. The tests must demonstrate that the product does not have any negative characteristics in the areas of safety and comfort.

The approval demonstrates that VB’s suspension systems are a high-quality product and that Volkswagen has no objection to these air systems being installed on Volkswagen vehicles.

This is yet another reason why Rosmia installs only VB systems. To find out more about fitting VB Air Suspension to your vehicle, contact us.