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VB-CoilSpring suspension: Everything you need to know

VB-CoilSpring - Coil spring suspension - RosmiaCoil springs to support your suspension

VB-CoilSpring is the ideal suspension solution for vehicles that are constantly heavily laden but don’t carry variable loads. The addition of the VB-CoilSprings will increase your vehicle’s ride height, improve stability and reduce body roll and pitching. Vibrations and bumps on the road are also better absorbed, providing a more even ride.

Why VB-CoilSpring?

Your suspension is a critical component for the safe running of your vehicle, so if your original suspension system is unable to support its laden weight and ride at an even level, its movements can feel unstable and abrupt. The vehicle can end up sagging and you risk hitting the bump stops or wearing out the tyres. VB-CoilSpring is the ideal suspension upgrade for vehicles that are always heavily laden but don’t carry variable loads because it’s a non-adjustable system.

Download the product sheet for VB-CoilSpring.

TowingRide Height

Vehicles that sag under excess weight are more likely to hit the bump stops, resulting in poor vehicle handling and an uncomfortable ride. VB-CoilSpring increases your vehicle’s ride height under load, preventing it from hitting the bump stops and improving ground clearance.


VB-CoilSpring at the rear is a particularly good choice if your vehicle is solely and constantly used for towing, because the hitch-weight of a trailer can drag the rear end of your vehicle down, causing it to sag. The addition of rear VB-Coilsprings will help to even out your ride height under load and improve road handling. For an adjustable solution (if your vehicle is only occasionally used for towing) VB-SemiAir or VB-FullAir may provide a better solution.

vb coil spring suspension - rosmiaVB-CoilSpring suspension installation

In vehicles that already have coil spring suspension, the original coil springs are removed and replaced with the reinforced VB-Coilsprings; whereas in vehicles with leaf suspension, additional coil springs are mounted to the existing leaf springs, reinforcing the original suspension. Your VB-CoilSpring kit will come with all the necessary certification and credentials, including VOSA and VCA, so you can rest assured of the quality of your upgraded suspension system.

Get in touch

As the UK’s longest-serving VB-Airsuspension Premium Dealer, we are experienced and fully accredited installers who work with competence and care. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the benefits of a VB-AirSuspension system for your LCV. Our team can talk through your requirements and advise on appropriate recommendations.

Three things you need to know before buying a hydraulic levelling system

E&P hydraulics levellingWhy should you consider a hydraulic levelling system? Levelling your caravan or motorhome is one of the first jobs when you arrive at your holiday destination. Whether it be for a one-night stopover or a two-week summer holiday, your vehicle needs to be level for many reasons. The traditional, manual way to level your vehicle is tedious, hard work and can be quite time-consuming. Especially if you’re having to set up in the dark or after a long journey. A hydraulic levelling system takes all that pain away and levels the vehicle perfectly in under two minutes. Leaving you to get the bags unpacked and start enjoying your break. Simply, all you have to do is press a button and the system levels your vehicle for you.
Here are the three main things you need to know about a hydraulic levelling system. You can find more detail about the systems below, but in a nutshell, here are three key things to consider;

1. Simplicity of hydraulic levelling

Make sure your hydraulic levelling system is easy to use. You don’t have to be technical. You just press a button and the system does everything for you. You don’t even need to maintain the system as it’s all contained within a closed-loop hydraulic system. There is no need for a spirit level, chocks, drill for winding the legs down or any other gadget or tool.

2. Solid and stable position

Levelling your motorhome or caravan is important to maintain good working order of the fridge and to ensure good drainage from your sink and shower tray. It also protects you from buffeting in strong winds and helps to ensure you aren’t sleeping on an angle! But for added comfort, a strong and stable levelled pitch will stop any sway when walking in, out and through your vehicle. Making your vehicle a much more comfortable environment.

3. Payload pay-off

The system is hydraulic so is very strong and can support pretty much any motorhome or caravan, but make sure the hydraulic levelling system you choose doesn’t take away too much weight from your payload. With E&P’s hydraulic levelling system, there obviously is some weight added to the vehicle but it’s only 25kg for caravans and 55kg for motorhomes up to 5.5 tonnes GVW. Still giving you plenty of payload for the extra comfy camping chairs.

E&P Hydraulic Levelling

There are three versions of the E&P Hydraulic levelling system: The main two systems are Level M for motorhomes and Level C for caravans, but there is also Level C Compact for caravans which is a semi-automatic levelling system (we call it semi-automatic because you still need to wind the corner steadies down manually so it’s a little different).

Select your level:

Hydraulic levelling system installation

E&P Hydraulics’ levelling systems are available for most common motorhomes and caravans. The hydraulic jacks are fastened to the chassis with brackets or adapters that specifically designed for your vehicle or caravan, which means no welding is necessary and any existing warranties will remain intact.

As the UK’s longest-serving E&P Hydraulics Premium Dealer, we are experienced and fully accredited installers who work with competence and care. Contact us if you would like to discuss the benefits of an E&P Hydraulics levelling system for your motorhome or caravan. Our team can talk through your requirements and advise on appropriate recommendations.


VB Air Suspension approved for Crafter by VW

Volkswagen AG approves VB Air Suspension for Crafter models

VB Air Suspension has announced that it recently received a ‘UBB’ from Volkswagen AG – or Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung, otherwise known as a LONO (Letter Of No Objection) –

for all its full air suspension systems on the Volkswagen Crafter. This makes VB the first-ever organisation to receive a blanket LONO for all Crafter models.

A ‘UBB’ – or LONO – is literally a ‘statement of no objection’. Volkswagen AG grants this approval to manufacturers that have developed a product that fulfils Volkswagen’s demanding standards and requirements. Before the manufacturer is granted approval for the product, Volkswagen carries out a number of tests, including a dynamic driving test, an ESC test (electronic stability control) and various brake tests. The tests must demonstrate that the product does not have any negative characteristics in the areas of safety and comfort.

The approval demonstrates that VB’s suspension systems are a high-quality product and that Volkswagen has no objection to these air systems being installed on Volkswagen vehicles.

This is yet another reason why Rosmia installs only VB systems. To find out more about fitting VB Air Suspension to your vehicle, contact us.

How to prepare your hydraulic levelling system for winter

As we draw towards the end of the season and the days get shorter, there are plenty of things to be doing to get your motorhome or caravan fitted with E&P hydraulic levelling ready for winter storage. When you’re cleaning away and preparing for the long winter ahead, a quick check over of your system will help keep it working well for the next season!

Motorhome hydraulic levelling system

In order to keep your hydraulic system in good working order, we recommend you do these two quick jobs before winter storage:

  1. Give the jacks a gently clean to wash off any loose dirt, making sure they are nice and dry
  2. Spray the chrome parts of the jacks with a dry silicone spray to give them an extra layer of protection

Did you know you can store your vehicle for long periods of time with your jacks down? This can take some of the pressure off your suspension and tyres but doesn’t completely stop degradation.

If you want to have extra confidence in your system being stored over winter, you can always get in touch with us and we will happily run a system service for you. We recommend this for systems over two years old.

Set up an appointment by calling 01444 880022, emailing or filling in a Contact Form.