The benefits of E&P levelling systems

We often hear about the difficulties of levelling a caravan on a slightly sloping pitch and then lining up the wheels to fit an axle wheel lock, particularly on a twin axle caravan van. Levelling the ‘van can often be a two-person operation and sometimes very stressful for all involved. You’ve taken ages to get your caravan level and then you can’t get to the receiver for your lock lozenges!

If you’re lucky enough to afford a new Lunar Alaria or Buccaneer caravan, like the Galera, then you won’t have these problems…Welcome to the E&P automatic levelling system!

How does it work?

At the press of a button, the E&P Levelsystem allows you to tilt and lift up the caravan with its six hydraulic supports. You can then turn the wheels by hand and get those axle wheel locks fitted with ease. Using a control panel inside the caravan or remote control, you then press auto to activate the levelling system and watch it automatically put down the hydraulic steadies and level the caravan in less than two minutes.

E&P automatics caravan levelling system

This automatic levelling system can be retro-fitted and although it’s not cheap, it’s simple to use and will get you perfectly pitched in no time at all – without the need for jacks, blocks and spirit levels.

Using hydraulic axle supports (or jacks) the system lifts and tilts your caravan, taking the weight of your tourer and reducing the stress on the caravan suspension, corner steadies and tyres. When in storage you can also take the pressure off the tyres completely and use the jacks to take the stresses out of the axle.

The system also includes four hydraulic corner supports with AL-KO Big Foot feet to help spread the load and make your caravan floor feel as solid as concrete!

Automatic levelling

The levelling process is completely automatic and having the ability to tilt the caravan from side to side also makes it possible to repair a puncture at the side of the road whilst still attached to the tow car.

The system is also a good theft deterrent as there’s no way of lifting up the corner steadies or the jockey wheel, and with the axle jacks down any caravan would take some moving!

For more information visit: Caravanguard or find the best system for your needs here.