How to prepare your hydraulic levelling system for winter

As we draw towards the end of the season and the days get shorter, there are plenty of things to be doing to get your motorhome or caravan fitted with E&P hydraulic levelling ready for winter storage. When you’re cleaning away and preparing for the long winter ahead, a quick check over of your system will help keep it working well for the next season!

Motorhome hydraulic levelling system

In order to keep your hydraulic system in good working order, we recommend you do these two quick jobs before winter storage:

  1. Give the jacks a gently clean to wash off any loose dirt, making sure they are nice and dry
  2. Spray the chrome parts of the jacks with a dry silicone spray to give them an extra layer of protection

Did you know you can store your vehicle for long periods of time with your jacks down? This can take some of the pressure off your suspension and tyres but doesn’t completely stop degradation.

If you want to have extra confidence in your system being stored over winter, you can always get in touch with us and we will happily run a system service for you. We recommend this for systems over two years old.

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