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Why VB-CoilSpring

Do you always drive with a heavy load? The heavy load causes the vehicle to sag, which reduces the spring travel and makes the vehicle more likely to bounce when driving over rough surfaces or speed bumps, for example.

vb coil spring suspension - rosmia

Helper and reinforcement springs are suspension systems that support or reinforce the existing suspension system in order to correct suspension problems. Our helper and reinforcement springs – also called VB-CoilSpring – are either fitted to the existing leaf suspension or coil spring suspension, or they replace the original coil spring suspension. Reinforcement springs mainly ensure that the vehicle returns to its original ride height or higher. This increases spring travel and thus improves stability and, to some extent, comfort levels.

VB-CoilSpring is a good option for vehicles that are always (heavily) laden and have to carry variable loads every once in a while. This is because the reinforcement of the spring force is permanent and cannot be adjusted. Both systems are available for both the front and rear axles of certain types of vehicles.

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More accessible wheelchair transportation

VB full air suspension for wheelchair accessible vehicles

Wheelchair users want to experience a sense of security, comfort and confidence when they are taken to their destination. Wheelchair transporters, therefore, want to be able to offer tailor-made transport. Ensuring the safety and physical comfort of their passengers is of paramount importance to these carriers. This is what the passenger ultimately considers to be the most important. So what’s better than wheelchair users who choose to travel with you – just because your vehicle has that extra bit of comfort?

The problem facing wheelchair accessible vehicles

No one likes to feel all the road humps and bumps while travelling. Since the weight distribution in a wheelchair-loaded vehicle is usually not optimal, the journey for both the wheelchair user and the driver can become significantly less comfortable. This non-optimal weight distribution also has further adverse effects on ride comfort: the original suspension on the rear of the vehicle can become “stuck” when the weight of the wheelchair cannot be optimally distributed. The vehicle may also normally be too high – or too low – or the vehicle may have a too high approach angle. This would make it even more difficult to optimally assist passengers and would cause even more inconvenience.

How can Rosmia and VB Airsuspension help?

A constant ride height is therefore essential for both the driver and the wheelchair user. This is easily achieved with one of our products. When using our air suspension – and electronic ride height control to achieve a constant ride height – ride comfort increases significantly. This means the passenger feels comfortable and safe, as well as you as a driver. Would you like to know more about the matching products – such as VB-FullAir – for this category of vehicles?
Take a look at the product leaflets here.

Discover the many benefits of VB Airsuspension’s wheelchair vehicle solutions

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