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VB-Airsuspension: Rosmia’s first and only choice


Rosmia is the UK’s longest-serving VB-Airsuspension Premium Dealer. But why? What makes the VB-Airsuspension range of products superior to any other?

Well, for one, its innovative range of systems offer air suspension upgrades for a wide range of motorhomes and LCVs, meeting the fast-growing demand for increased comfort, better driveability and improved safety on the road.

There’s a VB-Airsuspension product to meet your needs

Upgraded air suspension systems are no longer seen as a luxury, offering improved safety and comfort for a variety of vehicles, including minibuses, motorhomes and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Finding the right system for your vehicle will depend largely on what you drive and your average payload.

As the market-leading air suspension brand in the light commercial vehicle sector, VB-Airsuspension is the preferred partner to key vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz. It is also the European market leader in air suspension systems for almost every make and model of motorhome in production today.

VB-Airsuspension for LCVsVB-Airsuspension applications

VB-Airsuspension systems can be installed in pre-owned or new vehicles and can be used across a wide range of situations and applications, including car transporters, commercial vehicles, motorhomes, animal transport, off-road vehicles, passenger vehicles, emergency rescue vehicles, wheelchair accessible vehicles and service vehicles.

Innovative solutions

VB-Airsuspension is known for its innovative design solutions, as well as its commitment to research and development in air suspension solutions. All systems are rigorously tested and adhere to the most stringent safety standards, ensuring you experience a smoother, safer ride with complete peace of mind.

VB-Airsuspension for motorhomesGet in touch

As the UK’s longest-serving VB-Airsuspension and E&P Hydraulics Premium Dealer, we are experienced and fully accredited installers who work with competence and care. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the benefits of a VB-Airsuspension system for your LCV, motorhome or campervan. Our team can talk through your requirements and advise on appropriate recommendations.

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A suspension solution for almost every application

VB-Airsuspension has the right product available for more or less every application and/or (suspension) problem, including for vehicles that do a specific job. Many of these come up against regular problems that can negatively impact the role they are meant to perform. Similarly, there are cases where it’s a question of: “Surely, there’s a much easier way to do this?” or “Couldn’t this be made much more convenient or comfortable?”. Motorhome owners, drivers of emergency vehicles (e.g. ambulances), drivers of car transporters and other vehicles regularly complain of issues that needlessly make their job harder, and sometimes they find the vehicle they use is missing certain functionality. And, beyond that, you have to consider wheelchair accessible vehicles, animal transport and other specialist vehicles. Here too, a range of improvements can often be fitted in terms of safety and comfort, both for the driver and for any passengers. A selection of our applications are described here:

VB Air Suspension Applications


The ultimate means of transport for those who want to take their own road and have the freedom to keep driving or stop whenever they want. Strong crosswinds, instability in some driving situations, vehicle drift and rattling in the interior are some of the common issues experienced by motorhome owners. Issues that are easy to resolve with one of our advanced suspension systems. When you’re heading off for a well-deserved break, you don’t want unneeded stress because your motorhome does not feel comfortable or safe on the road.

Passenger transport – Minibuses

Sometimes your passengers – and you as the driver – will be travelling for many hours on end. In this case, your passengers must be conveyed as conveniently and comfortably as possible. When you think of a comfortable minibus or coach, the first thing you think of is probably having enough legroom and good onboard facilities. But, if a journey is perceived as uncomfortable, it’s usually not to do with facilities or lack of them, rather factors like noise from the interior and being able to feel unevenness and bumps in the road. The products from VB-Airsuspension offer various solutions to make the journey as comfortable as possible for you and your passengers.

Car transport

Safety for pedestrians has been improved by the long, low bonnet on modern vehicles. However, this creates extra challenges for car transporters and breakdown trucks when loading and unloading vehicles. A big ramp angle and the lack of a kneeling function frequently make this process more difficult. When transporting vehicles, safety is clearly of the essence for car transport and breakdown firms. Extra care must be taken when loading and unloading, and this is not always an easy task. When attending to someone who is stuck at the roadside, the breakdown truck driver will want the customer to feel reassured that their vehicle is being handled properly. The vehicle must effectively meet the requirements of the car transport or breakdown firm so that drivers can get on with the job in hand without any unnecessary worries. Comfort and convenience for the customer and for the breakdown or car transport driver – that’s what our products are about.

Animal transport

Stress is a significant risk factor in animal transport. When transporting animals, it’s not just about a comfortable journey for you, it’s about what’s good for your passengers too. Animals are highly sensitive and will feel every pothole and bump in the road. A sense of instability and a steep ramp can also cause stress for animals. Air suspension makes the journey smoother for both animals and humans. Your animal will arrive more relaxed and you will have a more comfortable ride too, all because of a good suspension system.

Emergency service vehicles

Emergency service vehicles, such as ambulances, regularly travel fully laden and are fitted out with high-tech, weighty paramedic equipment. We all know that these vehicles are critical to saving life and limb and, in an emergency, they need to get to the patient and convey them to the hospital as quickly as possible. So, the last thing the driver needs is a vehicle where the access is too high. Stability and safety are of key importance in an emergency. The driver must be able to rely on the vehicle to perform at its best and to be easily manoeuvrable thanks to a solid suspension system.

Wheelchair accessible transport

When conveying passengers, you want the journey to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Passengers should feel comfortable and confident at all times as they travel to their destination. It is not always easy to get the weight distribution right when the vehicle is carrying someone in a wheelchair. If the weight cannot be distributed evenly with an unbalanced or maximum load, this can cause the original suspension to ‘sag’ at the rear of the vehicle, with a detrimental effect on ride comfort. A constant ride height is essential for both the driver and the wheelchair user, something that can be easily achieved with one of our products.

Service vehicles

A service vehicle is your workshop and transport all rolled into one. To be able to provide a full service and for peace of mind, you want to have all your tools and materials to hand wherever you are so that you are prepared for every eventuality when attending a customer. The only problem with this is that your vehicle is frequently heavily laden. Your materials will not usually be evenly distributed in the vehicle, which can result in an unpleasant driving experience since the vehicle is lopsided. Air suspension can remedy this by automatically adjusting your vehicle in the horizontal plane. So, you get a more comfortable and safer ride.

VB-Airsuspension (air) suspension systems provide solutions for your suspension problems, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy optimum ride comfort, increased stability and greater safety on the road and at their destination.

With over 20 years’ engineering experience, Rosmia is the UK’s longest-serving VB Air Suspension Premium Dealer, comprising a team of fully accredited installers who work with both competence and care.

Original parts the only way for VB-Airsuspension

VB-Airsuspension original parts

Why should you always use original parts for your VB-Airsuspension? All VB-Airsuspension systems are developed and assembled by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and ever-growing team in Varsseveld, the Netherlands. All the components that go to make up the (air) suspension system are perfectly attuned to one another. This way, you can be sure the end product fitted at Rosmia precisely matches your needs. Using VB-Airsuspension original parts will ensure that your system performs at its best.

Full air suspension

If you opt for full air suspension (VB-FullAir), the existing leaf or coil spring suspension will be replaced by a full air suspension system. A full air suspension system consists of air springs, shock absorbers, main springs, a compressor and our electronic control unit: the VB-ASCU. All these components are perfectly attuned to one another, all in the service of greater comfort, better stability and improved driving characteristics.

Original parts

Did you know that VB-Airsuspension has developed its own in-house shock absorbers for most of its kits, helping your new (air) suspension system perform at its best? There may be occasions (e.g. during repair work or inspection) where it becomes apparent that the shock absorbers need to be replaced. If the kit came with VB-Airsuspension shock absorbers, it is very important that replacement shock absorbers from VB-Airsuspension should be used. Its full air suspension system has been specifically developed for its original part shock absorbers to work ‘in harmony’ with the air suspension. Non-original part shock absorbers will not work ‘in harmony’ with the air suspension. This can be due to different dimensions and may lead to the system no longer performing at its best. In some cases, non-original shock absorbers can even result in damage to the system.


Even though VB-Airsuspension systems are in principle maintenance-free, it’s advised to carry out or arrange for a visual and functional inspection once a year. Rosmia is an accredited VB-Airsuspension partner with many years of experience in fitting and maintaining suspension and air suspension systems and will be able to give you appropriate, individual advice.

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More accessible wheelchair transportation

VB full air suspension for wheelchair accessible vehicles

Wheelchair users want to experience a sense of security, comfort and confidence when they are taken to their destination. Wheelchair transporters, therefore, want to be able to offer tailor-made transport. Ensuring the safety and physical comfort of their passengers is of paramount importance to these carriers. This is what the passenger ultimately considers to be the most important. So what’s better than wheelchair users who choose to travel with you – just because your vehicle has that extra bit of comfort?

The problem facing wheelchair accessible vehicles

No one likes to feel all the road humps and bumps while travelling. Since the weight distribution in a wheelchair-loaded vehicle is usually not optimal, the journey for both the wheelchair user and the driver can become significantly less comfortable. This non-optimal weight distribution also has further adverse effects on ride comfort: the original suspension on the rear of the vehicle can become “stuck” when the weight of the wheelchair cannot be optimally distributed. The vehicle may also normally be too high – or too low – or the vehicle may have a too high approach angle. This would make it even more difficult to optimally assist passengers and would cause even more inconvenience.

How can Rosmia and VB Airsuspension help?

A constant ride height is therefore essential for both the driver and the wheelchair user. This is easily achieved with one of our products. When using our air suspension – and electronic ride height control to achieve a constant ride height – ride comfort increases significantly. This means the passenger feels comfortable and safe, as well as you as a driver. Would you like to know more about the matching products – such as VB-FullAir – for this category of vehicles?
Take a look at the product leaflets here.

Discover the many benefits of VB Airsuspension’s wheelchair vehicle solutions

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